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Anyone know how to remove the Bachmann K-27 front light?

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In my opinion, I can see that Bachmann wanted to go with orange and yellow lights on the K-27 because they would look more like incadecent lights, but I think they went too far.  Colors in 1:1 scale don't look the same in smaller scales.  So I've replaced the yellow/orange LEDs in the classification lights based on info provided by Dave.

Now that those are a more sunny white, the front headlight seems quite off now.  So I was going to replace that one as well but I can't figure out how to get to it.  The parts diagram show multiple parts but I can't find a seam to pull it apart.  I tried popping off the front lens but it won't give easy and I'll most likely break it, so I was wondering if anyone knows an easy way to access the LED?
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and where does one look to repair the shorted headlight wires. seems i read somthing about this but not the fix. just got my new leds today and would like to fix all the problems in one shot.


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