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Anyone install a Decoder in the Bachmann K-27 yet?

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Anyone install a Decoder in the Bachmann K-27 yet?  Something that doesn't have a direct socket that is?
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While awaiting Stan's response, I can see that it would be easiest to hard wire a decoder to the solder pad on the side of the main tender PC board. Unless you have a source for
plugs that will fit the sockets supplied, which the 'Dummy Board' plugs into. The dummy board as I read it, is a board with a couple of IC's and resistors (or inductors) on it, which allows DC operation
provided the switches are properly configured. My belief is that if one soldered to the pad, then one would remove the dummy board in order for the loco to function. I am not aware of any of the aftermarket suppliers (Digitrax, NCE, et-al) yet supplying plugs to fit the BM socket. On this last point I stand to be educated.


Tom T.

I hope you get your locomotive today! Mine came in from St.Aubins last Friday, and while I've not had the time to DCC it, I have spent a little time getting my head around the install. I have a 583S in stock, so will use that initially, if for no other reason than to stop the analog buzzing. The idea is to add sound later, once I know more about it. I'll be using the solder pad on the R/H side of the main board in the tender, and removing the 'Dummy'. Believe it or not, everything is in the tender. There are two plugs coming from the loco to the tender: One has 6 pins, the other 7 pins! The solder pad and the dummy plug ins have just about every possible connection you could want, and it's all in the tender. I honestly believe (and I am an ardent follower of TOC's rip & toss method) that DCC'ing, or sound equipping this loco would be more work than it's worth NOT to use the facility in the tender. Bachmann have made a quantum leap with the wiring in this loco. It may not be perfect, and I'm sure that there some of us out there who will come up with all sorts of fixes and improvements, but it's one heck of a lot better than the earlier locomotives when it comes to modifying the power and control systems.

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