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Anyone install a Decoder in the Bachmann K-27 yet?

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Anyone install a Decoder in the Bachmann K-27 yet?  Something that doesn't have a direct socket that is?
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Stan, does the dummy socket come with the loco? Will the dummy socket work with an NCE motor decoder? I assume it will need some minor soldering since the socket that comes with the NCE only has a socket on one end and the other end is just wires?
Stan, thanks for the info.  However, now I have more questions, I guess that means progress :)

The solder pads on the dummy socket sound like a good way to go.  BUT how do I know which wires from the decoder to solder where on the dummy socket?  When I pick up the loco (hopefully tomorrow) will it have diagrams for this?  Or do you have any detailed pics of the dummy socket and what wires would be soldered where?  For the motor + and -, and lights?

For DCC use simply remove the inductors on the bottom of the board to isolate the motor and cut two small traces on the front top of the board to isolate the headlights.

I will be using DCC but not sure where the inductors are?  How do I know where the small traces are that need to be cut?  Again, any detailed pics of these particular items or will there be instructions and a diagram included with the loco?
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Dave, are using DCC? I was going to use a P5 for DCC. Is there a better solution using DCC with the 2K2?
Is the best option for me then, because I have an NCE decoder, to ditch the entire DC board and solder the motor decoder wires to the correct motor and light wires directly?
Stan, have any pics of what you described? My K-27 is in and I pick it up today. I'll see if I can figure out where what is what, but pics of what you describe would be very valuable :)
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