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anyone heard from blackburn49 ??

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just wondering if everything's alright up in alaska. last post was october 30.

ron, if you're reading, please drop a line.
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He hibernates for the winter...usually. This winter we had a bitter cold spell over the holidaze followed by a sudden warmup to near spring temps and rain...not the sort of weather you want to be out and about in. And the conditions where I'm at are milder than in his corner of the state.
He's made a post over at Large Scale Central. Wonder if we annoyed him somehow?

He's pretty well frozen up. He asks me every now and then how hard it would be to put RC and batteries in some loco.
I hope he's doing well. His well-documented reports have been nothing short of spectacular.
Thanks guys. I was wondering the same thing... just never got around to posting the question.
thanks for your support. ron just dropped me a note.
I still check in here from time to time to view comments on the products both new and old in our LS hobby. As someone else commented, I am well frozen in up here and there are no updates. Winter is half-over, but this is normally the brutal half of winter. So it is survival mode time. To give you an idea of what I mean, we are running "nomal" temperatures of about zero. The thermometer barely moves from day to night at this time of year. However, in nearby Northway it was minus 43 the other night. That is WAY too close. Don't want to see those kind of temps again. We have already gone through a protracted cold spell in the minus 50s. Some of you statesiders have already experienced a share of that arctic air so you know what I mean.

Finally, due to the very uncertain economic conditions, I have no expansion plans for next season. If there are updates, you will hear from me.

My regards,
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