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If you realy want a quick fun scratch build project, hers how I plow up my locos. First cut a genaric plow shape frome ordenary paper and curve and shape it in to contour. then I roll up tape and place it where i want it on the loco. I look at the real photos and trim or draw out the final shapes till it is a perfict match and shape for the plow I chose. once you have the look you need, simply remove the paper plow, flatten it out, and trace over styrene, the flatend paper plow may apier odd, but will look right when reshaped. Cut out the styrene plow and hose poenings. Next curve the new styrene plow in to shape. finaly add back ribbing and coupler opening frame and hose doors, grabirons, and paint.
other neat tips,
- sheet rock screws with the heads drilled out and threads removed make super nice airhorn bells
- the end of cheap Bic pen caps pefictly match ditchlight housings and not only do they snuggyl fit leds, but are to scale!
-standerd paper hloe punch makes class light cover plates, mustand hatch covers, sander doors, and speed recorder bearing mounts.
- Aristo power trucks can be remotored using over the shelf 1/12 scale rc car motors with out any modifications.
Hope some of these help, I would post pictures, but have no idea how yet. Good luck and have fun.
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