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I was a teenage railfan..
started taking train photos at age 14..

Mid 1980's in Waverly, NY and Sayre, PA (they are the same place)

Back then we had two rail lines through "the Valley"..the former Lehigh Valley mainline and the former Erie Lackawanna mainline,
both were Conrail by 1984 when I started taking rail pics..

I took a TON of photos as that teenage railfan!

The classic locomotive of my era was the Conrail SD40-2..
perhaps my favorite locomotive! :)
(well..maybe 2nd favorite after the LV Alco PA's)

I must model a pair of them in 1/29 scale!
USA trains makes a very nice SD40-2..but they only offer it in the later "quality" scheme..which im not interested in.
by the time the "quality" scheme came out, it was the mid-1990's and I wasnt paying attention much anymore..

So I will have to paint and decal my own Conrail engines..to get the classic scheme.

Anyone here ever paint a Conrail loco?
is there a good blue match in perhaps something like Krylon spraypaint?
(I know there is CR blue in things like Floquil and scalecoat bottles..but I dont have an airbrush yet..)

Its hard to believe all those SD40-2's are starting to disappear.. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/sad.gif
most of the Class-1 railroads have begun retiring them in large numbers..
I still see them fairly often rolling through Rochester on CSX..but they are noticably decreasing in numbers..

After I paint a set of CR SD40-2's, I also plan to someday kitbash some Conrail SD50's..the first locos I ever saw new..
and gotta love those C30-7's..the last of the big U-boats:

thats another future project..(yes I know technically they arent U-boats! ;)
and the C32-8 of course..

its now 25 years since I started taking those Conrail pics..
im starting to feel nostaligic for the trains of my youth! ;)
I miss Conrail..


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Nice models guys!
thanks for the photos and comments..

I will post a few more of my 1980's Conrail pics tomorrow..

Here is an old dinosaur I came across a few years ago..
probably the last time I will ever see one:


I photographed her when she was new in the late 80's..
then got to see her again 20 years later..


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ok! a whole bunch of Conrail pics! :)
just because..

In 1984 there was still a lot of "predecessor" power around..although not much left still in predecessor paint..
I saw several units still in PC black, and one Reading unit, but I never saw any units in LV or EL paint though..

An ex-Reading GP30..the GP30's and GP35's were near the end of their careers, but still around.

a Lehigh Valley U23B! repainted however.

Another ex-Reading unit, a GP35..also quite rare by this time.

An SD40! (not a dash-2!)

Cabooses were still in general use until around 1984-85, when they began to be phased out..

First generation GP's..still in service. Conrail rebuilt many of these in the late 70's.

While a lot of the older power was still around, the Mid-80's also saw an increase
in brand-new modern power! Including SD50's, C30-7A's, C32-8's and C39-8's, among others.

In 1986 a string of 13 former Erie Lackawanna SDP45's arrived in Sayre, for storage.
I never saw any SD45's or SDP45's in service on Conrail, but these rare SD's spent
about a year in Sayre. (several still exist today!)

The big C30-7A's were fairly common around Waverly/Sayre.

the SD50's were the first units I ever saw brand new..still among my favorites.
I would like to model a set of them in 1/29 scale.

the C32-8's were rare beasts..only 10 total ever built, all owned by Conrail.
They had the distinctive "hump-back" look, shared with the C39-8, which IMO
made for a very interesting look. The later spartan cab C40-8's had a raised cab, eliminating the "hump",
making a much more boring unit IMO..

The more common C39-8, sharing the same "hump-back" look with the C32-8.

and thats the end of my mid-80's Conrail tour..
I graduated from highschool in 1987 and headed off to College..(New Paltz, NY)
I then dropped out of active railfanning for about 10 years..
by the time I picked up my camera again it was the late 90's and Conrail was almost gone..
the era of widecabs had arrived, and soon Conrail was gone.. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/sad.gif

I ran into an old friend, who I hadnt seen for 20 years, in 2006..
one of those "hump back" C39-8's! working her last few days in Class-1 service:

(more pics here: http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=31824&start=0)

Its now Spring 2009, Conrail has been gone 10 years already!
and spotting units still in CR blue is getting harder every day..
get out and get them while you still can!

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