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I have been modifying some Just Plain Folk ' Hobo's', that I have bought from the USA (they are not available in the UK) one of them was to be fitted into the outside framed boxcar already built, so another, with an open door, was needed for number 2.

That was one of the re-numbered early ones which were only 23 feet long, and also had unusually a couple of brake wheels.

This was built from plywood with planked styrene card overlays; and one door was fixed to ensure some strength. The other was loose and I worked out how much it needed to be open and in due course fixed it in that position.

By the (intended) period of my railroad, this vwehicle was getting old, so the paint was well weathered, and light in color - look at the colors of the boxcars in the photo of the Gergetown loop which shows some CCRR boxcars with some much darker DSP&PRR ones. OK they photo (not suprisingly) is in black and white but the tones give an idea!

Here are a couple of photos - the show that the decals are a bit obtrusive and easily seen, that seems to be a downside of light colors; in normal viewing it is not so obvious!

and a final view of the 2 boxccars together the outside framed one is 26 foot long and the new one is just 23 foot long, the interesting double wheel brake shaft is totally 'just luck' I didn;t see it till now!

1510/1514(I use 2 numbers is possible) is supposed to be just (ish) re-numbered; to try to show this the '15' of the number(s) is slightly lighter than the original number.

The photos are taken inside - outside is trying to find a good impression of a thouroghly nasty spell of wet and windy, and thundery weather, and seems to be about there - its terrible, and I am staying inside!

There is now a train (of 4 vehicles) for the Porter, though I do have a couple more to build yet.
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