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An Introduction

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Hi Gang!!! Let me introduce myself, my name is Ben King and am not really new to Model Railroading however new to G scale, I live in San Antonio Tx and am a Member of  the San Antonio Garden Railroad Society and am enjoying it tremendously. I am a welder /fitter /fabricator for about 33 years and have recently tried my hand at Bridge building and the first one really turned out how I expected it (forgive my Bragging:)) and the reviews I recieved from my fellow members and passersby really inspired me to continue building and promoting this awesome hobby we all know as Garden Railroading, If I can figure out how to post pictures I will be more than happy to show off my first of what I hope will be many new bridges. hope to talk with each and everyone of you from time to time, until then take care
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Pleased to meet you, Ben!

Yes, that's a lovely bridge you made.
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