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an idea that might work involing 2 ruby's

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my dad an have been thinking an looking at the accucraft ruby frame assembly
would it be posably easy to build a simple 2-4-4-2 i have a bachman 2-4-4-2 scrath
built and have been looking over it trying to figure how to connect the steam line
to the front truck i was thinking a hose or a line to run to it but has it been done.


Casey Wilmunder
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Posted By Shaymaker on 06/22/2008 1:56 AM
What you are looking for is a steamtight flexible joint. This has been discussed recently on another group. The best idea I've seen is to silver solder a phosphor bronze ball on the end of the steam pipe, seat this on an O ring and retain with the usual union nut, bored out oversize to allow the pipe freedom to move. This whole assembly must be mounted on the pivot centre line.
I haven't tried it yet, but I hope to later this year.

I dont think you need anything as complicated as that..
just use the flexible blue airplane tubing..
it flexes fine, and no need for any complicated engineering.

its sold as fuel line for gas powered model airplanes.
its also used in live steamers as steam lines, it can handle the heat.
its the blue stuff in this photo:

why couldnt you build the mechanical pivot, so the front driver set will pivot,
(but the mechanical pivot has nothing to do with the steam line)
then use the flexable tubing to connect the steam line to the front driver set?
the tubing will bend as the driver assembly pivots..

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