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Amtrak to Diamondhead

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I decided to take the plunge and take Amtrak to Diamondhead this year. Winter in eastern Tennessee and the western Virginia mountains is not very reliable in January. Also, I find driving great distances is getting to be difficult for me. I found that Amtrak has a daily train, the Crescent, from New York via Atlanta to New Orleans. It stops in Lynchburg, about an hour from my house and in Slidell near Diamondhead. Here is a route map:


You can get schedule and fare information on the Amtrak web site.
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There used to be a large contingent from the DC area who traveled to DH via the Crescent, though I don't know how many still do. Great ride, great service, great food, lousy scenery. (Dormant kudzu--YEAH!!!) Unless you have made arrangements to be picked up in Slidel, you may want to consider continuing to New Orleans, catching a cab to the airport, and taking the shuttle from there. Taxi to the airport should run around $25. I think that's a flat rate set by the city. By the time the train arrives in Slidel (assuming it's on time), there's a good chance the sidewalks will have been rolled up.


Im booked on the sunset Limited from LA on 9th..into N.O.11th pm..got myself aroomette for about the same as air fare and Ill see some of the countryside..it will be interesting to sample Amtrak Meals again[1993 was the last time.]

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