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AMS Narrow Gauge code 250 Turnouts

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The First limited supply of these long awaited turnouts arrived at Electric Modelworks today. Each one includes a nice cast brass manual switchstand. The turnouts employ a microswitch and wiring for power routing for those on track power. The power routing hardware is covered by a shield and the throwbar is very robust. Very fine balleast will be able to find its way into the throwbar tray,likely unavoidable outdors. The frog is metal-blackened- and the stock rails are nicely machined with a portion of the web foot removed for points clearance and a very fine notch cut into the rail head for the points to tuck in. Probably worth the thre year wait.

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- do they come in 2 different tie spacings like the flex track?
- they come in #6? Any other #'s?
- code 250?

- I assume the switch stand has enough clearance for a K-27? What about the K-36/37?
These are narrow gauge , and as such have narrow gauge type ties and spacing. They are number 6. There will be a standard gauge version with different ties and spacing at some point, likely to be number 8 due to the scale ratio change for standard gauge. The switchstand will easily clear a 27 or larger 37 etc. They re packed 4 to a case by the way, typical heavy duty Accucraft packing.
Can we talk price on the air?
Rick Marty
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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