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I have a Bachmann 2-6-0 Mogul that will be battery powered. I don't expect to have more than 6 oz of battery. I plan on pulling a jackson sharp full baggage car, jackson sharp coach, and caboose. I'll have a RCS R/C system with P5t sound. What is the max amp draw I can expect if I'm also running loco lights and lights in the coach?

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You don't mention which B'mann mogul (the really tiny industrial one with the small, evenly spaced drivers, or the one that looks like this:

I'll assume you mean the one shown in the photo...

I've not measured the actual current draw of mine, but with 2 amp/hour batteries, I get around 2 to 3 hours per charge, which means it's drawing less than an amp with just the locomotive. (I don't have sound. With sound, I wouldn't expect that to draw too much more, so you're still probably in the range of 1 amp or so.

I wouldn't power the coach lights off the train batteries. I'd install separate batteries for those. With the baggage car, you'll have ample room--not that you'll need it.


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