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Is this a joke?

One of the vendors at the AZ convention brought this to our attention. Truth is, I didn't notice the difference in the rail height when I connected it to a section of LGB track, so I never thought to take a micrometer to it. Let's face it--getting the height correct on "code whatever" track is one of the most basic aspects of producing track. When I got home from the convention, I checked my sample. It measured .352". The vendor who brought this up reportedly claimed an even taller measurement on his sample.

In a recent e-mail from Lewis Polk where he's touting the advantages of his particular track, he claims that some track is "roughly rolled, not extrued ... to an exact size." I have no idea of how each manufacturer's rail is produced, but different processes could have different tolerances. Perhaps this is the case with AMS's track, I don't know.


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