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American Freedom Train

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Hello Everyone. I'm new around here. So, I'm into the 1975-76 American Freedom Train, and I wanted to make a Model of the AFT in G scale (The full 26 car train.) I've been using a website (I can't add a link as it won't post) as my resource, but the biggest issue is, I don't know what to use to make the 26 cars! (except for the flat cars.) the only thing I know is available is the AFT GS-4 that MTH released a few years back. can I have some help?! :confused:
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Welcome Tweesie12, trust me you'll wish you had used your name or a real sounding one... At least sign with one...
You'll be able to post links and stuff after about 10 posts, we had a rash of spammers, so you are being monitored. Nothing personal, just an admin tool.
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