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Allied Electronics was an electronics jobber out of Chicago many moons ago. There was Lafayette Radio in NY - I road the bus from Bayside, LI to their Jamaica store to buy my 2N107 & 2N170 transistors for my first homebrew radio beyond a crystal set. Sinatra was singing to candidate JFK in a shopping center parking lot when I got off the bus. Later that day, I went back to a large drug store at that center with a friend - for a $.98 50' hank of bell wire for his Lionel layout. I wish I had known - it was $.49 at Lafayette - and $.30 carfare. Boston's Radio Shack acquired Allied - even had their 'industrial catalog' available in their stores. Lafayette Electronics ultimately had a few retail resellers - there was one here in Birmingham for a while. The days of $6 orders - with s/h
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