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Alert/Alert/Alert-danger danger danger!!!!

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Alerting you guys to an issue that has been discussed or posted on another site. When checking St. Aubins train site today 11/16/08 I got an alert from my anti spywear/virus protection through Firefox/webroot antivirus protection in my computer they're site downloaded a virus js/psyme-km self replecating, high level threat to my computer???????????
just letting you know anybody else had the same problem yet????? The Regal
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St Aubins,

I have no issue with you guys or your website. I've had great service from you and will continue to buy from you. I'm not the one who posted the problem with you website - in fact I hadn't noticed it myself.

My issue was/is with aceinspp who somehow felt it was helpful to call some of us cheap because we prefer to use the website rather than the phone. RJD, I have no issue with whatever method you use to order your trains. Your way may in fact be easier. But to call folks cheap because they prefer to order via the web rather than the phone is unhelpful and doesn't in any way help the original poster with his issue/question.

I recognize that this is a very small issue. But this forum has, for the most part, been free of the careless, off-the-cuff remarks so prevalent to the rest of the internet. It has been a huge source of information and advice difficult to find elsewhere. It saddens me to see someone respond to "I have an issue/question" with "get over it". My preference would be that a person who has nothing constructive to say on a particular topic would stay mute rather than be flippant.

But the internet, and this forum, are open to all regardless of the amount of thought (or lack thereof) a poster gives to their post.

Greg Coit
[email protected]
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Posted By blueregal on 11/16/2008 9:09 PM
someone on the other site I believe did call and or email them to no avail, they chose not to comment or reply!!!

They do the same when there is a problem with an order
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