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Airwire use on On3 ?

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I picked up a MMI K-27 the other day, On3, and am considering what kind out layout.  I really like the battery RC I have in my Large Scale engines, has anyone tried to put an Airwire reciever in an On3 engine?  I think you would have to put it in the tender along with batterys and speaker.  Might be able to put it in the boiler, but I don't think you would have the room.  If not airwire, is there any other wireless controller so you could use batterys and not have to have any track power?  thoughts and ideas?
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I talked to Lewis Polk about the HO Revolution and it is supposed to be available this summer. I will be getting a set as soon as I can for installation into On30 equipment...if it is as good as initial reports in "Large Scale" the system should be quite an advance.
...thanx Greg...we'll have to see what washes out when Aristo puts the HO Rev on the street. Your comments are well founded...I haven't purchased any electronics yet for the On30 locos...I'm just easing into this guage...thanx again...LT
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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