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A little clarification... The Airwire receiver has a built in 10amp motor driver, head/reverse light functions, a few amp on/off function for smoke unit, and a 1 amp max DCC bus that you can plug other standard DCC decoders into. Seems like using this receiver and altering to control servos would be a waste of money, as they aren't cheap (~$140). You could probably use the QSI Gwire reciever and hack into some decoders to save money, but still a lot of work and you'll still need servo driver circuits or decoders.

I would think the easiest way is to go the standard live steam route and get the Spektrum DX6 (or DX7 or Futabas version) 2.4gHz digital system (75mhz analog systems are a thing of the past!!). About $200 for the transmitter, receiver, and 4 servos last time I checked. And the receivers are small, have very short antennas and are pretty cheap (under 40 bucks) and will directly control your servos. Then just buy the Airwire TX or other wireless throttle when you need it for your HO stuff.

Just some food for thought.
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