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Airwire and USA Engines

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I have an Airwire system in a trailing boxcar with a power lead to the rear of a USA F3A. I also use the same configuration with the USA GP7. I don't double head them, only running them solo. At most, I get only one hour of running time. I took one of the motors out of the F3A figuring the run time would increase. Nothing doing. I haven't checked out whether the batteries are in proper working order. When I run, I always charge them fully. Beside a possible battery problem, are there any other things I should be looking for. Has anyone else had this problem ? I know USA engines are power hogs, but ???

Thanks in advance.

Pat McCarty
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Couple of things. Its the MAH rating of the battery plus the load that will determine run time. Higher battery voltage gives you the capability of higher speeds. USA GP's have a high current draw in the lighting circuits,that is why taking out one motor didn't make much difference. What is the MAH rating of your battery?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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