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Airwire and USA Engines

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I have an Airwire system in a trailing boxcar with a power lead to the rear of a USA F3A. I also use the same configuration with the USA GP7. I don't double head them, only running them solo. At most, I get only one hour of running time. I took one of the motors out of the F3A figuring the run time would increase. Nothing doing. I haven't checked out whether the batteries are in proper working order. When I run, I always charge them fully. Beside a possible battery problem, are there any other things I should be looking for. Has anyone else had this problem ? I know USA engines are power hogs, but ???

Thanks in advance.

Pat McCarty
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There are (NiMH) 10Ah 'D' cells out there.

Also (NiMH) 5Ah 'C' cells.

I have both. I got mine from 'batteryspace.com'.

A 10Ah battery car will last you all day. I use it as a back-up to my onboard batteries (4.4Ah sub'C' cells) on my GP7.

I have only 12 volts onboard the engine which I like when switching (mostly indoors). Once I have a train assembled and want to take her outside on the open road for a while - then I'll cut in the battery car (14.4V) and use that as my power source. It gives a little more top speed (maybe a scale 45-50mph) than the 12 volts will.
My engine has provisions for both power sources.

And as stated above.....remove the smoke unit and replace the incandesent bulbs with LEDs

Brian B.
DT&I 1980ish
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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