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Many thanks to the crew at the Big Train steamer setup for helping with my newly constructed Ruby kit. Thanks, as the timing setup now works fine. What I learned since may not be unique:

1 - Break-in is very important to seat the cylinder seals. For me, a total of one hour's running to fully loosen it prior to trying it out on the track.

2 - If an outdoor layout has any appreciable grade - mine up to 2.0% in two places - the Ruby does not do well unless at roller coaster speed to accomodate those grades. It races like a bat on any downside of the 2% and easily leaves the track.

3 - The remedy appears to be singular: Install a radio control servo for the steam input control.
or run it only on a separate circle of level track.

I imagine on MLS there is discussion on what size of servo and how to install it and what receiving unit is best used. I have set up radio control (2 channel) model boats for racing.
Any suggestions from readers are appreciated.

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