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accucraft rolling stock for live steam

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I know this isnt really a live steam topic but I'm looking to get some Accucraft rolling stock to run with my mogul. So far the only place I have found AMS stock online is ebay and California & Oregon Coast Railway. C&OCRy's prices seem good. Has anyone delt with them before? Is there any way to purchase just ONE car without having to fight over it on ebay? Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.
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Ridge Road, Electric Steam and Model Works sell individual cars.
Probably C&OCRy as well if you contact them.

C&OCRy are really nice folks. I have bought a Accucraft Edrig and a 14 car set of Accucraft Welshpool and Llanfair four wheeled cars from them. All arrived in perfect condition and very promptly too.

Charles M SA#74
Try Gregory Posta at www.rgsrrhobbies.com He is easy to deal with, his prices are good and gives a discount for cash. I have purchased all of my Accucraft equipment from him. His phone number is 970 626-3773.

Clem at Warrior Run Loco Works is our source for boxes or individual cars.

Give Electric and Steam Model Works[/b][/b] a look. Jonathan is one of our forum sponsors, has good prices, and is a terrific guy to deal with! :)
I agree with Dwight. I've purchased all of my Accucraft and AMS products from Jonathan at EMW. Great folks to deal with!
I've purchased my individual AMS cars from our forum sponsor, Quisenberry Station with very good pricing.
Hey Eric,

Always purchased mine from Royce (Quisenberry Station) too....Also there is a display set up at Camp Evans in Shark River for the next two weekends to run if you are interested. Ill be there next Sunday for a few hours. Ill have some rolling stock that you can pull too.

Jason next sunday as in the 14th? I wouldnt have gone today as I didnt get home till 1:30AM. The steamer gave us some trouble last night and we ended up running an hour late. Was past midnight by the time we banked her. Rough night. Anyway if it is next sunday your talking about Id love to come out. Thanks for the invite. Also everyone thank you so much for the information! I'm very new to live steam. Bought a Ruby some years back and messed around with it for a little while then got an offer I couldnt let down on an Accucraft mogul. Since then I have had much more of an interest in the hobby but dont really know anyone in it. So again thanlk you for your help. This forum has been very helpful!
Eric, when considering rolling stock, check out the Bachmann 1.20 offerings also (different from their earlier stuff). The quality and detail is excellent and they are not Colorado-specific, such as EBT 2-bay hoppers (I see you are on the east coast). I also recommend Ridge Road Station, which stock all the other little things also on their on their website at good prices.

Thanks I will look into the Bachmann stuff. I am really looking for unlettered cars so I can letter then for my fictional railroad. Hoppers would be good cause my railroad hauls coal.
I also buy the painted, unlettered versions for my Belden Falls. Krylon 1317 "ruddy brown" primer is a dead-on match for the oxide hoppers.
Put a drop of oil on the journals, and the Bachmann trucks roll very freely. My hoppers have been used to haul ballast during track construction and are performing just fine.

I am happy to say that the first two of my fleet have arrived from e-bay. A N.C.O boxcar #688 and a D&RGW flat. A D&RGW refer and another boxcar should be arriving tomorrow. Beautiful cars. My next question is does anyone here have the Accucraft J&S coaches? Are they worth the money? Also has the combined been released yet?

I have two of the AMS (Accucraft) J&S coaches. Beautiful cars and they are LARGE and heavy. Nice detail. There are some issues with the strength of the pins holding the couplers to the cars. Need to be re-worked. Also there is a 1/8 inch cap at both ends of the car at the platform. It's unsightly, but it is fixable. Do a search of the forums for the fix. I'm waiting for the combine now. According to Cliff at Accucraft, they won't be available until late 2009.
Late 2009. hmmmm guess I'll have to settle on the coach for now. ;)
Eric, if you can't wait for a combine, go to the post here a few weeks back, "The car behind the engine" .
Also, you might want to check the NJLS website. The G1 guys schedule New Years Eve/Day runs (the clubhouse is warm, so the engines and engineers can be pre-heated and thawed as necessary).

I hve several AMS cars for sale.

Box cars, Gondolas, Tank Car, Stock Car. Most never taken out of the box. A couple have been weathered.

I am not out to get rich, I will give you a fair price.

Contact me if interested.

360-427-2340 or [email protected]

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