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I run my two 2-6-0s and FWRR engine in the same way when starting up. Warm them up, open the smokebox door and open the throttle for the engine to begin its run with the door open, clearing the condensate, once its run a few feet, close the door and you have no issues with burners going out. The moguls are a really steady lil loco, which I've found to be perfect for my RR. I have 4% grades and some sharper curves, yet I can run these without RC and still set the throttle and let them run, loads of power at slow speed. I think they're superb for the $$.

Sometme next year we should see the first D&RG version and RGS #11 paint jobs for the mogul. The D&RG version 'Poncha' is very decorative, much like their Col. Boone 4-4-0, while the RGS #11 is plain black with Russia Iron boiler and a big '11' on the tender. Both with Diamond stacks. I dont need another mogul, but boy I like these! Ordered the D&RG version! I believe these new ones have some upgrades including water glass.


1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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