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I got this Forney from Peter K's estate a while ago, and really hated the color. So I found this nice blue at the auto parts store:


It took me a while to get enthused about painting it, as it would need a lot of masking or disassembly - I opted for the former. Then there were those corroded boiler bands, which turned out to just need a polish, as I described in another thread.
I started with the cab, which needed a grey roof and something done with the blank brown front. A little dark Minwax polyurethane applied with a stiff brush gave me some grain on the side panels. The cab front I scribed gently and created my own panels where there were none. And despite my forbodings, the paint went on smoothly and the result, well - see for yourself:




It works, mate. Well, I hope it still works. Have to take it out for a spin next week and see if the paint holds up . . .
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