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Accucraft 4-4-0 and LGB R3 switches

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My Accucraft 4-4-0 has some problems with LGB R3 switches ( I know, I should run this engine on 100+ foot radius, but this loco will be the passenger hauling equipment on the level parts of my logging line). The guard rail of the switch rises barely to rail height and the "catch" angle is pretty steep. As a result the front truck tends to climb the guard rail and some railroad Esperanto follows. Has anyone solved this problem with as little pain as possible? Of course I can remove the guard rail and replace it with some angle or strip. But I would prefer a solution where I don't have to take all the switches out. Gluing a higher strip behind the guard rail does not seem an option either, as the plastic does not adhere to any glue and this solution might also cause problems with the flanges. Any ideas?
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Yes, this is a common problem on LGB switches - I am able to route my live steamers through the straight leg of the switch and avoid the problem!
It is a question of both the gauge being wider than 45mm through the curved part of the switch and the sharp lead in angle to the check rail, I would go with changing the check rail inthe long term but also have a look at this page, usefull tip on correcting the gauge and other bits.


Hope that helps, Allan.
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