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Accucraft 3cylinder Shay

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Ive been working today on a 3cylinder Shay which was bought via Ebay from someone in US..

unfortunatley it has had someone attempt repairs on it who was not competent and its going to cost some to fix.

But what I would like to ask is.it appears to have a secondary gas tank built into the dummy ashpan area, 2 pipes come off the cab gas tank one near the top and one low down , silver soldered joints etc ans dissapear into the ashapn ,, and I cant get the cab tank full! does anyone know who made this mod, as it doesnt have awater pump it seems asking for dry boiler trouble.

Gordon Watson.
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I asked Norm Saley to install a large tank in the "tender" area of my 3 cylinder shay - the reworked loco gives almost 2 hours run time. Such a large fuel tank eliminated the tender pump.

As noted, it is a voracious consumer of water. It uses between 7 and 10 ml of water per minute depending on the load and fire. I routinely add water every 5 minutes through a goodall valve. This frequency is a bit distracting but if I wait 10 minutes to add 100 ml, then I will kill the steam pressure. Generally adding 40 - 50 ml every 5 minutes has a limited effect on steam pressure.

Since my usage of the loco is mainly during operating sessions and confined to switching, the frequent fills of water are not too big of a hassle. I would imagine that the more typical live steamer running in a circle would want a smaller tank and perhaps automatic water addition.

Regards ... Doug
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