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Hello everyone! as some of you may know im in the process of presenting my proposal for a new loco to accucraft. What i would like everyone to do who reads this is, reply with your name and type you'd like to see this built. I need 100 people to make a difference so as long as i have a list to bring to accucraft they may consider a prototype. -Thank you Casey
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I would like to see them build a PRR 4-4-2 Atlantic.

Brittany Grimm
As I mentioned in my post on the petitions thread, there are a large handful of us who are waiting for Accucraft to produce that for which they have already taken deposits. They do that, I'll get on board with future products.


Hi Casey,

First I do not want (more accurately including my present and future (reserved outgoings) cannot afford) anything else.

As Kevin says let Accucraft build what they have in the pipeline, which has been slowed down a lot at the moment, with the recession in China – yes they are in (deep) economic troubles as well!

There is quite a lot in their pipeline, and be aware of the result of the Royal Hudson locos that have just been released (after a 2.5 year period was it) between announcement and completion. As a pensioner I hope to afford a DSP C16 and a Mason Bogie, and that is my coffers extremely depleted; hopefully they will like other Accucraft engines keep their value if/when they need to be sold!

A possible choice if pushed, and totally against all my previous luck, suddenly come into some money, would be for a Brooks Mogul, as Accucraft could then maximize their work and sell two different color versions – I think that olive green and black could be done like the DSP C16’s. The Cooke locos are thought to have been plain black. David Fletcher will no doubt ‘come down on me’ like a ton of bricks if I am wrong!

Nobody knows just what further mess this recession is going to throw at us, and also how long the darn thing will last. Even then we do not know what we will be left with as ‘collateral damage’ to the economy wrought by the banker’s antics, aided by others who were meant to be there to stop such tactics! One thing is likely; prices almost certainly will rise!

However let me say that it is, at some like present prices (fro the Accucraft website), the electric version is likely to cost about $1600 : and as a steam version just under $2000 - that figure is from measuring my own loco which I built from a big Hauler, and the build is on my website. It was not difficult, but there is quite a lot of work that would keep you happy doing something for a while, as you have a readily available chassis and in my case it was the first large scale loco that I built!

There is a plan of it in the Dec1998 Model Railroader (which are slightly wrong I believe, and it is not blue but black), is 24” long. So it is about 20% shorter than a C16; that is where my price comes from – knock 20% of the price for a c16 or so.
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