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Accucraft 0-4-0 Porter

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I've searched the active and the archive forum for this little electric locomotive. Not much out there. It looks just right for my little RR.

Does anyone have one out there? How do they run? Do they need a lot of work out of the box to make them run correctly
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I had one for a while, the early one's have some electrical pickup issues that I elected to not fiddle with. They are geared way down and run very slow. They are a beautiful piece, well detailed, as long as you run them by themselves or with other locomotives running on battery/radio control, it should be fine running with other locomotives.

a more "cost effective" solution may be the LGB Saddle-tank 0-4-0...it's pretty close, and the one I have runs like a top (slow and fast).

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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