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Posted By Dr Rivet on 01/29/2009 8:38 PM

I am DELIGHTED it will be in 1:32 and NOT 1:29. It is NOT a bad thing. At least the scale will match the track gauge [for a change]. I am not trying to start the 1:29 vs 1:32 debate again. the Brits have put up with 10mm/ft [1:30.1] on Gauge 1 track [which has been around for about 125 years +] for about 80 years. I will be pleased if Louis or Charley [or even Fred at Accucrat] decides to produce one in your scale.


Sir, with the exception of the new 0-6-0 switcher in 1/29th, ALL of Accucraft's standard gauge models are in 1/32nd scale. The Allegheny will be remarkable model by any standards, and would easily fit my 13 foot radius curves.

Sadly, all I actually have are 13 foot radius curves - my track is circular, and is a perfect, and very tight fit, in my teeny backyard.

The Alleghenny would look like a hippo in a bird-bath on my track.....sigh........................


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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