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AC12 Cab Forward has a Voice

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Hi all,I just Finished the Accucraft AC-12 Cab Forward duel Chime Whistle.This one has been the biggest Challenge "YET" Space is at a Premium,And this BIG Locomotive Wants a REAL DEEP VOICE, now to hear it click on  http://www.weltykswhistles.com/engines.htm   Well how do You like it?:)
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Sounds great Bob.  Can't wait to hear one in person.

Where did you mount it? Sounds great!

Best regards,

Very throaty!
I like the deep tone. As usual, another good job.
That sounds great, Bob! I would like to hear the whistle for the Aristo Mikado but haven't been able to download it. Is there a problem with the download? Thanks.

Phil B.
Phil You must have QUICK TIME to play the Video clips.It is a free down load.I just try the clip and it played ok. :D
Enjoy Bob
Most of the videos work for me, but the AC12 won't download to run, I have given it 20 minutes. Nothing happens.

I hate Quick Time... even when it does work, it changes settings in my computer and screws up how I want it to run.
Okay. That explains it. I thought it would download just like the cab forward did. I agree with Charles in that Quick time is a PITA. Thanks for checking it out.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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