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All good things must come to an end and I'm afraid the Bethlehem Central Railroad has made its last run.

As I've read on MLS and elsewhere, the odds of finding someone who would pay a little extra for a 3,215-square-foot house with one of the region's largest garden railroads occupying a 24x30 building and third of an acre are really nil.

But I'm going to hold off on selling all the rolling stock, buildings, trestles, power supplies, spare parts, etc. and dismantling the 2,000 feet of track until there's a buyer for the house in view. Meantime, though, I'm making a list of who wants which at what price for when that day comes.

Worsening back problems, just plain getting old(er), and not wanting to leave our heirs a mess to clean up after we're gone led Nancy and I to decide the time had to downsize our living quarters and spend more time relaxing and traveling.

The BCR had a wonderful eight-year run with hundreds of people having enjoyed the railroad's unique Bible programs or just plain having fun watching and running trains. The 39-minute DVD movie ("Your VIP Tour of the Bethlehem Central Railroad") continues to circulate and the Garden Railway Ministry will stay open for a while longer to receive donations to cover the cost of the movie. If anyone would like a copy, e-mail me with a snail mail address and I'll send one off.

The DVD will give a rather profound view of the huge amount of stuff that will be sold off.

Blessings, y'all...

Tom Ruddell
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