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A new Bank

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Way back last century Model Railroader published an article on building a bank.

In that same century, I built a model based on that article, making some changes to make it easier to build.

Thanks to Richard Smith, I got a copy of that article and set about using it as a basis for a 1:20 model.
The prototype is in Hempstead, New York.

I decided that I liked the changes I had made last century when I made my original model.   I wanted something that looked like a bank, but the prototype was a little too fancy.   So, I ditched the fancy railing on the top, and the massive rectangular columns on either end.

I started thinking of how I might want to build this.   I really enjoyed building my textile mill with acrylic, so an acrylic based was a given.   I first thought about using acrylic columns, but Jean suggested I head over to Michaels and check the cake decoration section.   There I found some neat columns that were 7" high and would be just perfect.   Not only that, they were cheap - 4 for under $5!

I drew up a plan in TurboCAD and used the pictures of the columns to see how they might work.

Pleased with that look, I put in a call to Russ Miller at TAP Plastics.   We spent a short time talking about what I needed and spent more time discussing all sorts of issues with railroads outside. ;)
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So, Tuesday the UPS guy leaves a heavy package on my porch.  Aha!  It's here!!!

I got some PVC that's almost 1/2" thick for the front, the base, and some of the pieces above and below the columns.   All cut to size.   Neat, it's almost like a kit.   Russ always adds some extra pieces, and this was no exception.   Handy stuff, too.  One of the extras was pieces of PVC cut to size from my column bases.   I had only ordered 2 pieces and was planning to use some scrap to make the base - he cut 4 extra pieces.   Three of these are used for the base.

I start by gluing two of these together.   Lots of clamps are needed.   Each section is made up of 3 pieces of the PVC.  Two bases, plus the top piece are glued together and let dry overnight, again, using lots of clamps.  All of my large ones, in fact.
Another extra was some clear acrylic strips.   I cut these to length and glue them to the bottom of the base.  Shown upside down here.

A slightly larger piece (another extra!) is glued to the assembly, and my column base is about complete.

Although there's lots more to be done, I can't resist setting this up to see what it looks like.
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OK.   Some progress is being made.

I've cut the openings for the windows and filed them down.   I used a Dremel to cut the rectangular depressions above the windows and used some Sculp-Magic to do the "carvings".

I wanted a different look for the windows, so instead of using styrene, I went the more difficult route and built them up from brass strip and rod.

I bought some Krylon Ivory color that I'll use for the front of the bank.   The windows will be painted white.   I still need to add some details before I paint the front.
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9 minutes for that to post? What's going on?
Yeah, the time to make a post is really a drag.   Makes me want to leave out pictures...but then what's the point?  /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/tongue.gif

The gray you see there is just some primer - I wanted to see if some of my joints were visible.

I've glued the columns to the bases and the top.   The front piece isn't attached yet - I want to paint the column section first, while I can still reach the back side of the columns.

Painted the windows but they're only stuck in temporarily, and I started to add some of the trim around the base and top.
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Thanks guys. I'd have to really clean up my soldering for those windows to look good.

Rick, I'll have to check the fabric store next time for some goodies.

Well, after a trip to Kirkland to visit TOC, and a drive down the coast to visit Richard (my TOC-POC tour), I'm finally getting back to work.

Here's what the front looks like all painted up.

The hard part is basically done, and now it's just some straight forward assembly.

The walls go together quite easily. The acrylic cement sets up fast and strong. I left one side of the paper on - for no real good reason.

I put a strip of styrene at the bottom edge to act as sort of a foundation. Then I cut an opening for the door. It doesn't really need one, of course, but if the back is ever visible it will add a little interest. I glued the sheet in place; the joints will be on either side. Eventually, I'll have enough buildings so they won't even be visible.

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Some neat ideas, there.

But, no, I won't be doing an interior. Believe me, I'm tempted. Having just visited Richard Smith's Port Orford Coast, I'm REALLY tempted. But, down at ground level, and with no lighting, it's really not worth it. I am thinking of painting the interior a dark color...but that almost sounds like work.

Meanwhile, work progresses.
I glued the sides on, and they seem to look pretty good.

I scribed the base to make it look more like a sidewalk, then painted it gray. The scribing is impossible to see in this picture. I'll probably have to wait until it's outside. I also painted the red brick.

Nothing is glued, but I arranged things to see how it would look.

I noticed I missed a few questions, from earlier.
I'm using Weld-On #16 for gluing to the PVC. I'm using liquid acrylic cement for acrylic-acrylic or acrylic-styrene. The PVC makes a very neat base. I think I'm going to use that in the future for other bases. I'll have to talk to Russ and see what he can ship.
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Thanks again for all the nice comments. I need to take some more pictures of my progress.

Matt, I'm using Precision Products Brick sheets. They come in sheets about 15" square. I've been buying them from Ridge Road Station - they seem to have good prices and deliver quickly.
The doors are made from strip and sheet styrene, cut to size. I've completed the back door and just working on the twin front doors.

Next up is to build a vent. I originally was thinking about using a tube, but in looking around the workroom I find that I don't have anything the right diameter, so I might just build a chimney, and add a cap to keep the critters out.
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It's finished! I haven't landscaped it all, but it's now outside.

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Peter, the windows are not painted at all. I did paint the inside of the bank a light gray, and added a few shapes inside, but you really can't seem them.

I got some sun this morning, so I thought I'd get a closer shot.

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