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A Modelgenic Old Time Sawmill

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A month ago when myself and several other MLSers went in search of eastern narrow gauge steam, we visited the Cradle of Forestry near Asheville NC. This museum showing the development of forestry technology is funded by an endowment from the Vanderbilts.

During our walk through the forest surrounding the museum we came across a small "portable" sawmill that would make a great model. I did not measure or draw it but if anyone lives in western NC and goes to visit, maybe they could fill some blanks in that regard. We did take photos however, and here are some shots courtesy of Bruce Chandler, Ric Golding and Gaetan Charette.

The mill is powered by a steam tractor ...

The mill itself is complete but very small on a scale that modellers can cope with

The view of the runoffs where boards were stacked gives another perspective

Inside the mill, some details of the log carriage, the drive of the blade and the log carriage

Beside the mill under the eaves was a shingle cutter (we think!)

And the piece de resistance, behind the mill was what appears to be the prototype of the B'mann Climax!

This mill would make a fine model though it would be a challenge to build. the fact that it exists and is accessible for photos and measuring should make it easier.

Regards ... Doug
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Years ago, when I was delivering pizza, I was handed an order to an address that made no sense - as far as I knew, there was nothing along that entire stretch of road but vacant lots and gravel pits. But I set out anyways. I reached that stretch of road, looked over at one of the vacant lots about where the address was supposed to be, and spied a huge pile of logs way at the back of the lot. In front of that pile of logs was the present day version of this contraption, minus the roof. Sure enough, the guy running it was the one who'd ordered the pizza. There is more in the way of sheds and shops there now, but he is still using that same saw, still in the same place it was.
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