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When my wife informed me, at lunch today, that the outside temperature was 52 degrees on the 7th of March here in Vermont, my thoughts headed for #12 in the shop. Since it was still not cleaned and prepped for painting, why not make some steam. The short section of my track that is on the ground is still encased in ice, but the remaining 90% of it was cleaned of debris and the engine and steaming kit brought out. Oh, and peanuts for the chipmunk that immediately appeared under the steaming bench. Even they are out early this year.

While the burner lit right off, I could not get enough heat to move the steam gauge off the pin. The gas tank is in the cab, so no water bath. So, I wrapped in a cloth and rocked the engine back and forth a bit, which resulted in a larger flame, and pressure finally came up. Once the boiler heats up, it keeps the tank warm.

That patch of ice on the track meant that the Prairie and I did laps back and forth around the yard, which certainly did me some good. That chipmunk voiced its annoyance, because the peanuts stopped once pressure was up.

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