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It does look very nice, looks like you've done a good job rebuilding it. Just to let you know, Pacifics are 4-6-2s, not 4-8-2s. Anyway, good luck with your new locomotive, it looks like you've done a pretty good job with it. I had one of those exact engines, and it was absolutely bulletproof, it took multiple trips down a hill, and I ran it on 4 ft diameter curves. I definitely do not recommend running it on anything smaller than 5 ft diameter turns as I imagine it can't be that great for the drive mechanism. If you need any help, there are lots of folks on here that are very knowledgeable, far more so than I, such as Marty Cozad, Raymond (Rayman4449) Greg Elmassian, and so many others. You've definitely come to the right place!
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