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3 or 5 way wye?

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                       I'm interested in any info anyone has on the 3/5 way wye Train-li has advertised. I'm building my indoor layout and space is at a premium. The add looks good. Hoping to get some info on size and performance from users of the switch. Any help or suggestions of other brands please chime in.. Thanks
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OK - I have confirmation back from the manufacturer. The entier switch electrical or not electrical is made out of rot resistant PVC foamboard (yeez what a smart move - I have buiild a trainstation out of that matrial and it is 4 years now on the outdoors looking lie I put it out yesterday:)) The motor version uses O-ring to protect against easy water intrusion, which is an identical technique that our switch motors are using.

But of course even with the best water protection I would still strongly recommend two things:

1. drainage underneth the switch area (1' crusher fines)
2. Cover in the winter, because melting snow is like working under water

Feel free to ask any more questions.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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