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3-in-1 Lube oil

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I am not sure if this is a new product or not, but I picked this up at Ace Hardware this evening. It is almost as if the 3-in-1 company made this container just for us RR Hobbyists! The container has a 5 inch extension spout built right in! Very helpful.


PS - Sorry, but I cant seem to insert images into this message so just cut and past the link above.
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I actually have used that in the past. It works pretty well, but make sure not to melt the nozzle hose. Personally I prefer heavier weight oil for my engines. Also remeber that it will catch fire so avoid getting it near the valves so it won't get into the exhaust. Great stuff though!
As I understand it, the oil in the spout can is not the same oil as in the 3 in 1 Blue can, a special blend for motor bearings that has a clinging tolerence on hot surfaces.
3-in-1 BLUE is "turbine" oil, as you noted - designed for bearings and therefore correct for our steamers. The red stuff isn't.

Sorry, but I cant seem to insert images

Images are easy - just put {img} {/img} around the link, but use the square brackets "[" instead.
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