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2009 NGRC MLS gathering

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After much thought and deliberation, as well as offers for assistance from some generous individuals, the management of the Tuscarora Railroad has decided to open the railroad up for a railfan day exclusively for MyLargeScale.com members during the 2009 National Garden Railway Convention. 

The TRR roundhouse and grounds will be open on Thursday, July 9th, from 3pm until 7pm. This will allow travelers to explore the many other railroads on tour in the morning, and also get to the Forney Museum later that evening. (And, to allow the two youngest TRR employees to get to bed at a decent hour.) 

Railroad staff will offer hors d'oeuvre and beverage service (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) during the excursion. Visitors are welcome to bring a picnic lunch/dinner on board should they desire something more substantial. Ample sources will present themselves as you travel to the railroad. 

Please RSVP to TRR management both by posting here as well as via e-mail/PM, using the links to the left. Please let us know of any special dietary needs you may have. 

In the event of an afternoon thunder storm, the festivities will be moved indoors until they pass.

We look forward to seeing you on the Tuscarora Railroad!


Kevin, Allison, Suzi, and Andrew
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Thanks Kevin...and you know Marge and I will be there.

Do you think there will be time to go on the bus tour in the morning and then get to the TRR from the hotel? I would love to see your layout, and meet you and the family. Will there be maps available at the hotel.


Kevin and family,
Susie and I will be there. Let us know how we can help.
Jim Carter
The bus tours get you back to the hotel in the early afternoon. (I think the tours run 8 - 1 or 8 - 2). I'm only 20 minutes from the hotel, so getting there after the bus tours won't be a problem. A map to our place will be in the tour book.



Thanks in advance for your hospitality. I will be there.

Again thanks,

I and my family will definitely be there! Oh, thank you for going to this extra effort! I was originally pretty "bummed" about missing your RR as I wasn't going to be able to get there until Wed. evening late! It's going to be one of the highlights of the trip!
I'll be there, and I'll bring SWMTP along to document the proceedings!
Will Allison be running her teapot?
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We would love to visit your railroad on Thursday. There is a friend and fellow member also coming over from the UK who would join us. We will not have a car for the convention week but we will worry about getting there later.

Me and the family will be there--can't wait!!!


My plans for attending the Denver convention are still a bit up in the air, but if I do attend I would certainly like to visit your railroad. I'll let you know for sure in a week or so. I wold likely be in the company of three friends who reside in Superior).

Thanks for the hospitality my wife and I will be there.

Kevin my wife and myself would very much like to join the rest of the my large scale folks at your garden railroad. pete& karen digiacomo
Kevin, my wife and I would very much like to attend your MLS soriee. We are from the Wichita GRS club (same as Jim Carter & Steve Stockham). If we need to bring anything please let us know. We are staying at the Tech Center and would be able to transport anyone that might need a ride to your get together.

Herb & Heather
Kevin, My wife and I are planning on attending. Thanks so much for hosting. Denny & SJ Taylor
Dear Kevin,

I am planning on being there for the Tuscarora Railroad MLS open house along with the family, making four attendees in total.

Thanks for opening your railroad to us! 
Kevin, I will be attending, along with a friend who is an HO modeler. Look forward to seeing your line. Jake

Me and a friend would like to drop by. Look forward to seeing you and your family.

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