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2008 NGRC MLS Live steamers

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For all of the live steamers that are going to attend the 2008 NGRC in Phoenix, you are all welcome to come over to the only primarily live steam layout in the city.

I will be open Friday, May 2nd for bus tours and drive ups (7:30 AM to 2:00 PM). We will be operating live steamers all day. If you would like to run, you are welcome to. Please contact me by email if you are interested.

If you have a rod engine, it is recommended that you have RC. Gear driven engines don't need RC.


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Alas, traveling with a 2-year-old will pretty much take up all of our available hands for additional luggage, so bringing something to run won't be an option. We will endeavor to swing by to say hi.


Lest anyone forget; I will have my portable track set up at the Phoenix show on a shaded balcony. We will also have a locked room where people can store their steamers overnight. Our track is 15ft radius. a double track with two crossovers and two steamup tracks. and is 40ft long. Don't be shy! There should be plenty of run time.
If you would like to run on a real layout with grades and long runs, let me know. We will have a K27, 3 cylinder, and 2 cylinder shays running.

Terry Greg and I will be stopping by I'll have my LS with but do not know if time will permit to run. Later RJD
Thanks! Will be looking for you.

Just a reminder for the Live Steam guys -- Come on over and run on Friday May 2nd from 7:30 am until 2:00 pm. Run what you brung!!!

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