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Yes the Aristocraft 2-8-0 is 1/24 scale..
its the old Delton engine..
most other Aristo engines are 1/29 scale, but not the 2-8-0,.

Aristocraft just released an updated version of the 2-8-0..so there are new and old versions out there.

The accucraft Porter is 1/20.3 scale (Fn3 scale)
and yes, its all metal..

Most people would probably say the Porter is a "step up" in quality from the 2-8-0..although there is nothing wrong with the 2-8-0.
like everything else, there are different levels of luxury in model trains! ;)

Both should be excellent engines..and both are models of narrow gauge prototypes..
although only Fn3 scale is correct for 3-foot gauge on 45mm track..
Both would look totally fine together as 3-foot gauge models.

what kinds of trains are you interested in?
the answer will go a long way to deciding what scale you should choose..
of course some dont even bother to "pick a scale" and just run what they like! and exact scale is ignored..
thats fine too..

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