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I am planning on attending the Cabin Fever event this Saturday and am planning on bringing my CP Hudson (Blue w/Stainless Steel Boiler). I do not as of yet have passenger coaches for it are you and Ryan going to have some 1/32 scale ones that I can use while I'm there for a few runs throughout the day. I should be there by 8:00am which I believe is when they let exhibitors in. I am also planning on bringing my new Sandy River #24 with matching LGB box cars and caboose.

The CP Hudson is an amazing engine almost to the caliber of my Aster Mikado. It ran flawlessly in sub zero weather and still maintained 90-100 lbs of steam pressure and as Dan said I barely had the thottle open on mine, any faster and it would have come off Dan's raised track. It should easily be able to pull a dozen coaches or more. The only issue with the engine is the in-flow water connection leaks and is tough to connect requiring the use of a wrench to tighten it. Dan fixed his with some black gasket sealer he had and I am going to do the same to mine, until I can buy some quick disconnects for it.
I just wish my Accucraft GS-4 Daylight ran this good out of the box. Accucraft has a real winner with this engine.

See you on Saturday.
George Z
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