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Well to start off the New Year right, I wanted to do a quick frieght car project.
So I deceided to convert one of my latest aquirements, an Aristo 2 axle 20 ft gondola to a two truck
four axle car complete with brake details. First I remove those two axle sideframes and cut off the
body mounts for the Aristo couplers. Next I used a cut down LGB 40 foot boxcar frame and remove
the air tank, master cyclinder and cut away the master cyclinder complete with all the piping that is
within the 2 frame struts. I counted in 2 ribs from each truck bolster and cut on each end. Then I went
and removed one of the other single ribs that had rivits, then filed all of the rib sides(one side on the 2
end pieces and drilled one hole in the middle of the inner frame end piece ribs and the center rib,
I used a Kadee screw and nut to hold them all together - this you will see in the last picture.
I had to cut out a thin slice of the middle screw pads on the bottom of the car to make the mounting
area flat across the bottom of the car except for where the two truck bolsters are.
This way I could mount the new shortened LGB frame to the bottom of the car level.
After I lined up the frame to the bottom of the car body, I had to drill pilot holes for the new 1/2"
#4 panhead screws to fasten the LGB frame to the Aristo car body using the existing screw holes
on the LGB frame truck bolsters. Then I mounted the brake details ( for mor info. E-mail me) .
Next step, I removed one of the two brake wheels. The last thing I did was bend up some brass
wire to make some realistic looking stirups to replace those ??? looking Aristo ones.
Oh yeah, I used USA trains trucks with bettendorf sideframes and black metal wheelsets with
truck mounted #831 couplers(due to the Sharp curves I am now forced to have

Now here's the pictures



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Hi! Nice work.

Some tips that I may have utilized.
1) The bolster mounts can be cut down in order to allow for the car to sit lower to the trucks.
2) A small set of arch bar trucks would be more era appealing.

However, it's your railroad :)



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Just a quick note.
I got the underframe an Aristo the bobber caboose done, but I want to make a few more changes to it before running a thread on it - ie. upgrade the end handrails to brass, offset the cupola, change the lanterns to something more real looking that work, etc.
Rocky [/b]
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