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1000 questions ... new member

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First a quick biography. We've been blessed w/ two sets of twin grandchildren and one single in the past 2.5 years, all boys. The lady of the house has lots of flower beds in the front yard,continually working them w/ plans for more, and I had the brilliant idea of enhancing said garden w/ a railroad for the boys as something to keep me off the streets and watching it grow with the boys. I have done an awful lot of reading over the past few weeks, and got a starter set from a local hobby shop. It is a Bachmann Silverado with a Big Hauler and is entertainment for her cats in the den now.
I purchased 60 ft of aluminum track from Sunset valley and will start putting it to the ground this week. I am gonna use the pvc conduit method on rocks and metal stakes driven in the ground. (Incidentally I live in Memphis, Tn, where Elvis is still in the building).
My first question is exactly what do I need to order for the Bachmann to convert it to battery power? I've looked over the RCS website and don't know exactly what to get. I will mostly watch trains go round in the beginning but will add passing sidings, sidings and a yard in the future so there will be operating later, but mainly now I will have to spend the time running keeping the twins out of trouble.
Do the components come with simple instruction so I can install them myself? Does the stuff come with batteries or should I get my own for longer running time, which is really not an issue cause the weather here is not really conducive to long periods outdoors, cold, heat or high humidity usually runs me back in just a little while. Anyone been there, done that? I will try to keep questions as pointed as possible since I have read pages of answers that don't apply to my situation.
The next thing that is troublesome to me is the fact that the best place for the empire is in the front yard. I live on a fairly busy residenteal street with a good amount of pedestrian traffic to boot. We plan to hide the RR with tall grasses and rose bush 'fences' as much as possible but I am still concerned about it being a distraction to passing motorists and a temptation for pedestrians to make themselves at home? Using aluminum track as a deterrent to copper thieves. I'm going ahead with my plans anyway but just wanted input on any past experiences you may have had.
Gotta go with the landowner to #1 daughters for breakfast, will put in more later.
Thank you, thank you very much ! !

Mike Normand
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Welcome to MLS.

The B'mann Annie (same essentially as in your strters set) is not a difficult loco to battery power. Paul Norton, a member of the Ottawa Valley Graden railroad Society, has written up the conversion on our club website. Check it out at http://ovgrs.editme.com/Annie The substitution of an RCS elite for the Aristo throttle that Paul used would be straight forward.

To do the installation with RCS, contact Dave Goodson (a member here named Curmudgeon) at NWRCS - he is an RCS dealer and can explain exactly what is needed.

Regards ... Doug
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