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Geez guys, all this constant bickering about 1/29 and 1/32 scale crap has become very boring. After all, these things are STILL toys.....expensive toys, but still toys. We have the same comments made in the ride-on scales.....namely 1.5 inch per foot or the "new" 1.6 inch per foot (could be called finescale I guess). AND these are the guys running stuff on 7.5 inch gauge track. What about the guys in the northeast running on 7.25 inch gauge? Walt Disney built his 1.5 inch scale railroad on his property with 7.125 inch gauge, just to be more accurate. Should have been 7 1/6" to be absolutely precise. But again, I say, these are just expensive toys. Nothing more, nothing less.

Another thing about detail.....Paul Burch and I have been railroad buds since our days in high school....55 plus years ago. Paul's layout, locomotives and rolling stock is 1/29th. You will not find a more detailed layout inside or outside. His locomotives and rolling stock, when photographed close-up, defy you to tell whether they are the real thing or a model. Just my observation.:)

AND just to keep this scale thing in perspective........I model 3 foot NG with 45mm track in true scale 1:20.3.:cool:

So can we now quit the neverending squabble between 1/32 and 1/29 and just play with our "toys". I appreciate every one of them no matter!:)

BTW, I have a bunch of LGB from back in the day. Brand new in the mid 1980's. One of my most favorite trains to run is my LGB Santa Fe War Bonnet livery, Super Chief. LGB ABBA with Aristo streamliners! Not particularly scale, but I sure as **** love watching them go 'round my pool at Christmas!

EDIT: Seems the new software bleeps out my "heck"! Nice.........
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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