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1:20.Me 2-6-6-2 Review

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Durango Dan has posted a review of the New Bachmann Meyer/Mallet...link below


A very comprehensive and interesting look into the latest offering from Philly.

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Perhaps having movement of the eccentrics correct doesn't matter at all. At all.

Just like correct gear ratios don't matter.

At least it seems the Mallet has a decently low gear ratio.
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There has been no mention on the Bachmann forum of 2-6-6-2 review on the 1:20.3me blog.
Let alone any comment about the eccentrics.

I wonder why that is?
Hey Cale.

I never said "could it be that Children aren't privy to posting? "
I know Cale would never say that deliberately.

Is there some way that computer illiterates like me could "see" where the "quote" box ended so we could type outside of it.
Please tell us where we can read up on how to do what SteveC says without having to ask all the time.
Thank you for the explanation.
Even I can understand that and have managed to remember it from the first time you told us how to do it in another thread a week or so back.

What I meant was, where in the site can someone easily find that information?

Is it at the top of the forum lists in big bold type so you cannot miss it?
Posted By SteveC on 01/15/2009 5:23 AM
"What I meant was, where in the site can someone easily find that information?"

The answer is, there isn't.

"Is it at the top of the forum lists in big bold type so you cannot miss it?"

Obviously not, since you've had to ask the question, and I doubt that there ever will be.

Since the functionality of which you speak, is not unique to this or any other web site. It is unique to the respective hardware and/or software utilized by any given individual accessing any given website.

This of course can encompass the whole range of the various main-frame computer hardware and software and the various terminal types connected to them. To the various brands and models within the brands of personal computers and the types and versions of software being used on them. Then there's the various keyboard layouts used for the many different languages found around the world, not to mention more than one hardware keyboard layout (e.g. 'QWERTY' & 'Dvorak' to mention but two.).

So to attempt to answer that type of question would be very inefficient and very likely confusing to many individuals. In the previous case you mentioned, I took a chance and answered Scot's query regarding the current subject at hand, because I was fairly sure of the computer hardware & software that he uses. Then again here in this topic when the same query was raised again, I again took a chance and provided the same answer hoping that it would prove useful. However, if the individual say uses a Mac type computer I don't have the faintest idea if that system has any keys labeled as I described. In your case, again I took the chance and lucked out it seems.

As an allegory, most all motor vehicles have windshield/screen wipers, but the manner that any given manufacturer chooses to implement turning them On & Off, or adjusting there speed varies from brand to brand, not to mention from model to model within a certain brand. Yet you don't find road signs placed along the highways and byways, informing individuals driving specific types of motor vehicles how to turn the wipers on or off, or the fine points of adjusting the speed at which they oscillate back and forth. Why? Because it's expected that it is incumbent on any and every individual that chooses to operate a motor vehicle. To learn the manner in which each of the devices they will need to safely operate the vehicle are controlled in that specific brand/model of vehicle.

As a possible solution for you and or anyone else happening to read this topic and finds that the information to be of help. Then I would suggest that all would create a shortcut/bookmark/Favorites link to this topic in you local browser and label it however you find best to remind yourself what it's for.

Since you chose to describe yourself as a "computer illiterates like me", then maybe a more efficient and less technologically based solution would be to take an appropriately sized piece of paper, copy the above instructions, (which you stated you found easy to follow and understand) to the piece of paper and tape them to the edge of your monitor where they'll be a ready reference for you by simply glancing at the note when needed.

Thank you for such a detailed, if somewhat condescending, answer.
As I said. Thanks to you I now know how to do it.

My query was meant to be a suggestion that advice be given in plain view to those that do not know how to do it.
Computers can be daunting things for many people.
For those that find them easy to manipulate, many of us hold your abilities in awe.
I imagine for a man of your skills it would be quite simple to add something very obvious to the top of the forums saying, for example, "READ HERE BEFORE POSTING REPLIES WITH QUOTES". This would contain advice that laymen could understand. Especially those that have to use an easy way as most people cannot understand HTML code because they do not use it all the time.
Surely that couldn't be too difficult?
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The phrase DAMAGE CONTROL comes to mind.

I wonder if there will be any more reviews of the Mallet at the 1:20.3me blog?
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