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Greetings All,

This was a very well done review and un biased, thank goodness. All the electronic info is fine but would not change my opinion on wheather I would purchase one. I often remove all existing wiring in a loco a redo it to my liking. The information regarding removing the saddle tanks and the inner most structual stuff really benefited me. When I first caught wind of this loco 6 mos ago my first thought was to kitbash it and make it a more traditional loco w/tender combination. Since, from what the mystery reviewer had written and visuals from the pictures I will have to rethink or re evaluate my future "bachmann bash" project.
I find it more troubling that there may be potential problem with the linkage binding during operation. That seems to be the biggest issue. What good is fancy wiring/loose nuts and bolts/funky couplers/structual frame stuff if the wheels don't go round and round.
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