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1:20.Me 2-6-6-2 Review

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Durango Dan has posted a review of the New Bachmann Meyer/Mallet...link below


A very comprehensive and interesting look into the latest offering from Philly.

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Posted By CCSII on 01/15/2009 2:24 PM
Thank you for clarifying. I agree about their manufacturing process.

Having spent a little time in China I found the people to be open, warm, humorous, inquisitive, and always friendly which is something in a society that lives so close to the knife edge. We saw middle aged women manually laying a rock highway(8" x 8" chunks of granite, hewn from the mountain by hand, carried by hand, and laid by hand) base across a mountain pass. They were at were at work at 8:00 am when we went out and were still at work when we came back after 6:00 pm. Their energy and work ethic could not be faulted. Unfortunately it seems it is the middle management that seems rotten.

Yes! Nicely put. It's common for people to bash Chinese manufacturing as if there is something wrong with Chinese people. That's not what Vic was doing, but I appreciate you saying this. We had the same experience in China and I have a chinese made double bass that's a marvel of worksmanship and design. Thanks for posting that
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1 - 1 of 91 Posts
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