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1:20.Me 2-6-6-2 Review

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Durango Dan has posted a review of the New Bachmann Meyer/Mallet...link below


A very comprehensive and interesting look into the latest offering from Philly.

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I'm sorry but before I will even consider buying one of these (and they are pretty lokies!) I want to know what Bachmann is going to do about this eccentric problem as well as the other things listed in the review on 1:20.me!

To get back to the topic... I've read several folk's posts on various websites about the loco, and none mentioned a problem with the eccentrics, or anything else for that matter. The reviewer unfortunately didn't finish the job, by ascertaining whether this was a universal problem affecting all engines shipped, or just a glitch on this one engine.

The readers, like Steve, are left with a bad impression of the manufacturer. I think that's bad for the hobby and bad for all of us - at some point Bachmann will stop trying to build us fabulous new locos [not sure where a mythical 2-6-6-2 fits in there,] or will put up their prices to cover the cost of extra QA.

If that's the only problem stopping you buy one, then inspect the loco in the store before you buy it.
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if it looks like its assembled right, runs back and forth on the test rollers OK,

I picked up my (much more expensive) EBT Mikado from Rich Yoder last week, and he made an emphatic point of showing me the slight wear on the pilot wheels, caused by his demanding running-in at the factory, and not, he insisted, for just 5 minutes. He's had experience.

Would mis-aligned eccentrics (or loose counterweights for that matter,) show up in 5 minutes?
1 - 2 of 91 Posts
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