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So, The K2 board was based on the Aristo socket.

According to Bachmann, the Kay was supposed to accept the Digitrax DG583AR decoder that fits in the Aristo socket.
Several people (including me) reported that when the DG583AR is installed in the socket, the Kay shuts down the booster with a false short circuit. (The Kay outputs very short, but high, current pulses on the rails due to a lack of current limiters on the two huge capacitors.)

When Bachmann announced the Mallet, I pre-ordered. Just as I did with the Kay. When Bachmann published pictures of the Mallet, I noticed the same capacitors and no current limiter. I asked Bachmann, on the Bachmann forum, about this and got the wrong answer. I immediately canceled my pre-order.

To date, nobody has stated that the new Mallet will accept the very decoder it was supposedly designed for, without putting disastrous current spikes on the DCC track signal.

Since I burned up the board in the Kay while making extensive mods to it, primarily due to the lands coming separated during soldering, and Bachmann has still not been able to furnish replacement parts, I think I will hold off a while longer on this loco.

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