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1:1 K36 #481

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In view of the impending release of the Accucraft live steam K-36, I've resurrected a video of mine of K-36 #481 pulling a train from Durango, Colorado to Silverton. There are some closeups of #481 at the beginning and of #s 480 and 481 at the end of the video. 

The video has lots of huffing, puffing, smoke, steam plumes, plus clickity-clack and K-36 sounds. There is a spectacular view of the ledge over the Animas Gorge. Since YouTube provides streaming video, watching this 10 minute video will not be a problem unless you are on a dial-up connection.
Unfortunately, some clarity was lost in converting the video from analog to digital, but the thrill of the trip is not lost. 

You can see the video at:      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WKLM8dDp7s
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That is awesome... I've GOT to get out there!

Check out this web site.  www.chamasteam.com/chamasteam/index.html  I plan to go on the Sept trip.

Jon, David,
While on the Cumbres and Toltek, pay the extra money to ride in the Parlor Car at the end of the train for good photos and use of the balcony on the back. It's a grand trip and a lot different than D&S.

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Enjoyed the video ... that scenery is really spectacular!

Regards ... Doug
Very nice video clip you have done.Too bad! the you tube degrade our video quality a lot.I bet your original video much much better than this.Give us a call whenever you visit Denver again.
That certainly brings back pleasant memories of a trip I took on the Durango & Silverton a few years ago.  Thanks.

Sadly, all that plays for me is the first eight seconds, then it closes down.../DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/sad.gif

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Carl - many thanks for your handy tint and hip - I just watched it from end to end.  :)

Best wishes - 

Gotta love those big K's! :D

This is #481 the summer of 2005 on the high line to Silverton.

And again before heading back to Durango.

Before our train that day, I caught this view of sister #482, framed by the doors of the Durango roundhouse.

Here, we've gone back in time to the summer of 1992, when my wife and I first visited Chama, where I took this shot of 2 K-36s getting ready for the day's runs. On the right is the tender of K-27 #463, which was undergoing restoration at the time.

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